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A 3

A Villain's Twisted Heart

A Wizardry Enchantment // BL

Another Prince ~ A Lost Tale ~

B 6

C 6

Code Name: Romance

Criminal Desires // BL

Cyber City Knights

D 8

Diamond Girl ~ An Earnest Education in Love

E 3

Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World

Emulate Thrill // BL

Eternal Afterlife

F 3

G 1

I 8

Immortal Heart

Isekai Darling

K 1

Kamisama: Spirits of the Shrine

L 8

Love Island Show

Lust in Terror Manor - The Truth Unveiled

M 3

N 1

O 1

Otouto Scramble

P 4

ParaNichi: Magical Romance

Princess of the Moon ~Ultimate~

Q 1

Quest of Lost Memories

R 1

Reversing Caste: Omegaverse // BL

S 7

Sealed with a Dragon's Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss Re ~ Bride of an Asmodian ~

Soul of Yokai: The Lost Kami

T 9

The Rondo of Oblivion

Twisted Lovestruck

W 1

Y 1

Yu Jun Meng - My Vow to My Liege

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