BeelzebubWhat in Hell is Bad?


Beelzebub's Birthday

April 4 🎉🎉🎉

About Beelzebub

What in Hell is Bad?

The devil king of gluttony

Ruling nation: Avisos
Idiosyncrasy: Olfactophilia
Mental illness: ADHD

From the Seven Deadly Sins [Gluttony]


There is the saying 'all mysterious things happening in Hell, are from Beelzebub'.

He is unbound by anything, and creates 'phenomenon' that transcends common sense and theories.


Free and mysterious. It is such that he was seen to be smoking and drinking at a bar in Gehenna, but also seen in Tartaros betting on a small devil race during the day on
the same day. Common sense and rules do not apply to him but he is hearty and lovely so the most talked about topic about him in Hell is said to be "What would it feel like to make love with Beelzebub?" He cooks wherever he goes, but they say that you should never eat it no matter how much you love him.

Character info:

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Luna Sonata

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