Date MasamuneIkemen Sengoku. Innovative & Wild

Date Masamune
Date Masamune

Date Masamune's Birthday

September 5 🎉🎉🎉

About Date Masamune

Ikemen Sengoku. Innovative & Wild

Affiliation: Oda Forces
Height: 5'9''
Blood Type: B
Eye color: Blue

Voice: Kazuki Kato


Act 1:

A warrior who loves a good thrill as much as a good battle. He strongly believes that it's his duty to live a life worthy of the life of a military commander. A free spirit, his natural curiosity causes him to be drawn to you from the start.

«Life's an adventure with you. You'll keep me on my toes, right?» - Masamune Date

Act 2:

After winning against Kennyo and Motonari, you had finally ended up with Masamune. Love was supposed to make you undefeatable, or so you both thought. You didn't know that love had another, darker side...

«...I won't let saying, 'I love you' and making that promise be one of those mistakes.» - Masamune Date

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