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Mouri MotonariIkemen Sengoku. Black-Hearted Pirate

Mouri Motonari

Mouri Motonari's BirthdayApril 16

About Mouri Motonari

Ikemen Sengoku. Black-Hearted Pirate Mouri Motonari

Height: 5'11''
Blood Type: O
Eye color: Red

Voice: Katsuyuki Konishi


A warlord who was a great army of pirates at his beck and call. He's known by some as the scourge of the seas, the master of strategy and deception. He'll befriend a comrade and betray them in the same breath.

It appears that his mission is to wreak havoc on the world, but why?

«Follow me. We'll have the time of our lives while the world burns around.» - Motonari Mouri

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