SatanWhat in Hell is Bad?


Satan's Birthday

July 14 🎉🎉🎉

About Satan

What in Hell is Bad?

The devil king of rage

Ruling nation: Gehenna
Idiosyncrasy: Spanking
Mental illness: Depression

From the Seven Deadly Sins [Wrath]


If he drinks the blood of those who love him, he can turn that blood into what he wants. It's up to Satan as to what to make, and some may be presented with a blood diamond made of blood that only exists in legends, while some may be judged with a huge hammer made of blood.


He is the most violent out of the seven kings of Hell. He is moody due to his depression and the devils around Satan are kicked and sometimes fly away. The devils of Gehenna enjoy being hit by Satan and sometimes hover around him on purpose. Although he is a king, he is a king who is friends with all his citizens as he drinks and stays the night with the low-class devils at a pub in the narrowest and most remote alley.

Character info:

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