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Destined to Love: Ikemen Samurai Romances

Destined to Love: Ikemen Samurai Romances

In Japan, the dawn of a new era was approaching.

You find yourself suddenly snatched from your peaceful life in modern days to a different time, and a landscape unlike you’ve ever seen. Caught in the center of the revolution, which side will you choose? Even if for a mere moment, whose arms will you find sanctuary in? Your romance awaits you in the past. Do you believe in destiny?

Destined to Love is a dynamic love simulation/otome game where you get to be a part of history! Set in feudal Japan, experience a vibrant and exciting world filled with samurai, shogun, and sword fights! Woo the hearts of 13 hot heroes, each with striking personalities and compelling stories! Receive 5 free Chapter Tickets each day to progress through the story! Free to download! Play now and experience a romance of the ages!

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