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Sealed with a Demon's Kiss // BL

Sealed with a Demon's Kiss // BL

Release date:  08.2022
Seasons: 1

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese!


After losing your parents to an unexpected Demon attack, your longing for justice compels you to join the Order of the Exorcists and strike back the dark forces of the world.

Along the way, three fearless companions join the fight to save Mankind and to keep you from endangering yourself. As the mysteries of the Order and the secrets of your allies begin to unravel, it's up to you and your partners to protect Mankind and save Heaven from the malicious forces who aspire to claim it for themselves.


Character list


Sealed with a Demon’s Kiss // BL | CapiOra

The One-Eyed Demon

When your adventures as an Exorcist lead you to Gaku, a Demon whose only obsession seems to be uncovering the truth, your entire understanding of Demonkind comes into question. As Gaku chases glory and liberation, you must decide whether or not to stand by him and his pursuit of peace.


Sealed with a Demon’s Kiss // BL | CapiOra

Your Childhood Friend

You and Kei have been there for each other for as long as you can remember. But when the tragedy that claimed your parents' lives also reveals a disturbing secret about Kei's origins, your commitment to each other is put to the test. Will you fight through Kei's abrasive defenses and touch the warm heart hiding within?


Sealed with a Demon’s Kiss // BL | CapiOra

The Heavenly Exorcist

As the instructor assigned to you upon joining the Order of the Exorcists, Shin quickly becomes a great influence on your life. He proves to be one of the Order's most powerful members, but is he hiding secrets of his own? It's up to you to make your new mentor proud and to discover what inspires his compassionate nature.

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