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Sealed with a Dragon's Kiss

Sealed with a Dragon's Kiss

Original title: Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss: Otome Romance Game
Release date: 2021
Seasons: Season 1 - 2

One night, your life is changed forever when you have a destined encounter with a dragon! You land at a mansion to find a group of men claiming to be Guardian Dragons. According to them, you are a special being who possesses something called the Blood of the Covenant…⁠⁠

They ask that you release them from a contract you don’t remember signing and return their true names, but you have no idea what any of this means. With the wheel of fate already set in motion, will you learn the truth behind the Guardian Dragons and your connection to them? ⁠

Character list

Sealed With a Dragon's Kiss | CapiOra

An arrogant and prideful Guardian Dragon. Despite the fact that you saved him, Loic rejoices in teasing you. He seems like he has everything he could ever want, but sometimes a look of terrible sadness slips through his cocky exterior. Although you find yourself constantly butting heads with Loic at first, you gradually notice the kindness within. Can you bridge the distance and help him to open his heart? ⁠

Sealed With a Dragon's Kiss | CapiOra

A mysterious Apostle loathes and ruthlessly pursues the Guardian Dragons in an attempt to impose his brand of punishment on them. At first, he seems heartless, but you notice glimpses of kindness - for instance, his genuine wish to let you stay uninvolved and out of trouble. While you first know him as an Apostle, his true identity is revealed to be the fourth Guardian Dragon. However, a fateful incident led him to turn traitor and vanish. Will you find out the truth behind his betrayal and free him from his troubled past?⁠

Sealed With a Dragon's Kiss | CapiOra

The sensible one among the three Guardian Dragons, Asher’s calm and composed nature serves him well when making Loic and Nero cooperate. Unlike the others, he also treats you with kindness. Although he’s the type to calmly analyze whatever situation comes their way, he quickly loses his composure when it comes to Jarvis. Dependable and instilled with a strong sense of responsibility, occasionally it seems that Asher is shouldering a great burden. Can you discover the source of his suffering and help him to share the load? ⁠

Sealed With a Dragon's Kiss | CapiOra

Cold-hearted and violent, Nero despises humans and shows deep hostility towards you, despite him being a Guardian Dragon. Although he keeps you at a distance, you notice that in times of danger he’ll protect you at any cost - even his own life. Contrary to his brusque exterior, you soon discover that Nero possesses a truly kind heart. Will you be the one to melt his icy demeanor and gain his trust? ⁠


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