The Curse of Death's Kiss

The Curse of Death's Kiss
The Curse of Death's Kiss

About the game

Release Date: May 28, 2022
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance
Developer: Genius Inc

Seasons: 1

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese!


In the harsh world of Victorian high society, it pays to have a good name and a handsome butler by your side. But things aren’t as they seem… For you are cursed.

Anything you touch instantly dies, and for that reason, you are bound by the walls of your estate. After a run-in with a rather flirtatious thief, you realize there may be a way to break the curse. Will you succeed and be able to live with the man of your dreams, or will you be doomed to a life of cold solitude?


Character list

The Flirtatious Prankster Jack

Despite saying he came to steal your money, it seems like Jack is after something more valuable—your heart! His advances aren’t subtle, and he definitely isn’t scared of your curse. Under his playful persona lies a man who shares your fear of being lonely. Will he be able to earn your trust or will your romance die before it starts?

Your Loyal Butler Andrew

Andrew has pledged his allegiance to you and has always been by your side. He’s an upstanding young man who always seems to know the most logical solution to any problem. He’s always been overprotective of you, but is it purely out of duty or is there something more beneath the surface?

The Suave Prince James

Prince James is a man who has everything one could ever want except a lover. As soon as he laid eyes on you, he was determined to make you his! At first, it seems like he is just looking to add your family wealth to his own, but his persistence leads you to believe there may be more to it. Can you turn this selfish prince into Prince Charming, or will you leave him in the dust?

Walkthroughs and Guides The Curse of Death's Kiss

Empty, but something will be added soon! ^_^

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