My Dear Frankenstein

My Dear Frankenstein
My Dear Frankenstein

About the game

Release Date: September 30, 2021
Platform: PC (Steam)
Genre: Romance
Developer: NUMBER7

Original title: 愛しのフランケンシュタイン



"My Dear Frankenstein" is an exploratory adventure game that wanders around the city at night. Become a newborn monster and search for lost pieces of your heart!

This game alternates between the adventure part and the exploration part. Enjoy a variety of conversations in the adventure part and solve various mysteries in the exploration part.

This game includes expressions reminiscent of suicide and some cruel expressions.


That was the entrance to the night when the storm was about to leave. In the basement where the ceiling rests like a tombstone. The monster boy was born. The name is Adam.

A ghost who claims to be a friend appeared in front of Adam and said: "Your heart is broken and broken. Let's go collect together".

Take me to the night town in search of a piece of my heart. Meet the people of the city, chase the mystery, and get a piece of your heart...

Eventually, the secret of his birth will be revealed.



Meet Adam, a monster boy who's curious loves learning things and talking to people. 

A man-made boy created through science and alchemy. He wanders around the city at night in search of the pieces of his heart


Adam's fastidious creator. He's the head of the mansion where Adam lives.


Miguel's intelligent and beautiful cousin who lives with him in the mansion.

Clever but sweet, her hidden passions are mysteries and the occult.


A mysterious skeleton that has a very deep knowledge of alchemy and science.

He has a calm disposition and likes to take care of others and cook.


A ghost that suddenly appeared and insisted to be friends with Adam. He's a reliable guide when Adam is out in the city.

Walkthroughs and Guides My Dear Frankenstein

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