Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Yuki Ono (Chevalier Michel)

Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Yuki Ono (Chevalier Michel)
Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Yuki Ono (Chevalier Michel)

Hi there! 

Yuki Ono is also known for Koga Oogami in Ensemble Stars, Josuke Higashikata from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Arai-sensei (or Pin) from Kimi ni Todoke! Also, he's a voice actor Chevalier Michel from Ikemen Prince (ikepri)!


What are your impressions of the game?

It was interesting how instead of the normal theme of "choosing the princess or queen candidate", the concept was "the person choosing the king". On top of that, the world of not being able to see each other again once you choose the king makes the sad storyline interesting.

What were your first impressions of your character, and what do you find appealing about him?

I felt that he'd be an arrogant kind of person when I saw the illustration based on the angle of his neck and gaze. There were no cruel lines during the recording, so I acted while thinking about his background, hoping that I was approaching it in a way that people could tell the coldness or warmth in his lines.

What were some things you were particular about I when you voiced him?

The pace of the lines. There's a difference in the pace between how a character speaks and how a person speaks, so I was careful to speak slower than we do for daily conversations when acting to portray the character. So I hope the Chevalier-ness, including how slow or fast he speaks, will reach everyone.

Who are other characters that you're interested in and why?

Maybe Nokto, who's called the clown. One point is that he's voiced by Takuya Eguchi [lol]! I wanted to see a bit more of Chevalier's daily life with Nokto. And Leon, as well. He came out during several scenes I acted, so I want to see more of their daily lives and their relationships with each other.

Speaking of the title "lkemen Prince", if you were to call yourself "___ Prince", what would you put in the blank?

"Sweets Prince". I love sweet things and I often go around eating a lot of things. I have a program where I make and eat sweets while recording live, but I ate two during the rehearsal and two during the recording. I even had Shiratama after the recording too.

Do you have a message for your fans?

I'm happy to be able to participate as a prince in the much-awaited new addition to the Ikemen Series. Chevalier was a type of character who I don't often have the chance of challenging, so I tried hard to act my best. I'm curious about how everyone enjoyed it. So please send me your thoughts!

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