LoveUnholyc: 2021 Halloween and Update

Hi everyone!

At this moment we have a big update in the game "Love Unholyc". Let's look at what's new:

The behind story of making Halloween Skin

Prettybusy: We reveal the progress in which Lion, a pet rabbit who is always with Leo, almost became a ghost of hell and fortunately, dressing up as a cute ghost.

Download Halloween Login Screen (with black background) 1134x1560

Maybe they upload wallpaper without black background later ^_^

Prettybusy's work progress:

Art Director: Let's design the rabbit of Leo for the Halloween SD skin

Team: Btw, is it okay to use this character image?

Art Director: With my authority, I can unveil some secret a little...

Art Director: (1st try) ...Scary

Art Director: (2nd try) ... Are you picking a fight?

Art Director: (3rd try) Cute but curious

Art Director: (4th try) Let's decide with this!

The art work is made like this Thick or treat! Completed!

Doki Doki ~ LoveUnholyc Class

Good news! Doki Doki ~ LoveUnholyc Class will be updated next Friday!

Other news

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