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Onmyoji: Beyond Time Season 2 was released!

Onmyoji: Beyond Time Season 2 was released!

Onmyoji: Beyond Time Season 2 has finally been released!


Season 1:

Accosted by a powerful and captivating yokai, you resort to the only spell that you know, with unexpected results. With your fates now bound together, you have to find a way to set aside your differences as you confront your heritage in the face of a darkness that looms over your childhood home.

Can you break the ties that bind when a hasty spell entwines your fate to a feisty yokai?

Season 2:

Although you're disturbed by the sudden appearance of the sinister Genmu, your three friends are there to comfort and protect you. However, you discover that not even their efforts can prevent the situation from worsening… Can you harness your power as an onmyoji to protect yourself and everyone else from Genmu?


More information about the game.

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