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Charles-Henri SansonIkemen Vampire. The Solicitous Sinner

Charles-Henri Sanson

Charles-Henri Sanson's BirthdayFebruary 15

About Charles-Henri Sanson

Ikemen Vampire. The Solicitous Sinner Charles-Henri Sanson

Height: 174 cm
Past Occupation: Executioner
Vampiric Type: Lesser Vampire

Voice: Ryuichi Kijima


An executioner during the French Revolution, he killed countless numbers of people before being brought back to life in the 19th Century by Vlad.

Now working as a doctor, his bright smile and warm, friendly personality draws everybody in.

But be careful... once he makes his way into your heart, he becomes utterly addicted to you...

"You can do whatever you want with me, just love me more and more..." - Charles-Henri Sanson

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