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Clavis LelouchIkemen Prince. 3rd Prince

Clavis Lelouch

Clavis Lelouch's BirthdayJune 17

About Clavis Lelouch

Ikemen Prince. 3rd Prince Clavis Lelouch

The Unreadable Troublemaker
Height: 179 cm
Blood Type: A
Crest: Leopard

Voice: Kenji Nojima


Clavis loves amusement above all else. Some adore him, some hate him, but whatever you do, don't trust him. He'll do anything to have fun, and his biggest source of amusement is Chevalier. He's definitely up to something, but what could it be?

It's much more entertaining if the process of choosing a king doesn't go smoothly. Do you want to cause some trouble with me?" - Clavis Lelouch

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