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Grayson HotzCourt of Darkness. The Steadfast Solder

Grayson Hotz

Grayson Hotz's BirthdayAugust 21

About Grayson Hotz

Court of Darkness. The Steadfast Solder Grayson Hotz

Roy's Valet
Master's Best Feature: his smile
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 159 lbs

Personality: strait-laced, aloof
Indulgence: meat
Pastime: polishing silverware, polishing his sword

Favorite Place: The stables
Favorite Food: Shrimp
Favorite Item: ???

Voice: Keisuke Ueda


«My interest is professional at best» - Grayson Hotz

Book 1

Valet of Roy, Prince of Invidia. Stoic and taciturn, he has persisted without magic in a world ruled by its power. Though bound by both his status and his past, you may hold the key to freeing him.

Book 2



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S5: Grayson has asked Lance to take care of Nox before

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