Court of Darkness

Court of Darkness
Court of Darkness

About the game

Release Date: October, 2020
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Developer: Voltage Inc

Title: Makai Ouji to Miwaku no Nightmare
Original title: 魔界王子と魅惑のナイトメア


One night, beneath a crimson sliver of moon, you find yourself transported to a world of dark fantasy...

Before you stand five beautiful princes, rulers of a twisted magical realm.

They seek the forbidden power that only your lips can grant, and will use everything within their means to seduce you.

But as they compete for control of your unique abilities, they come to see your heart as the greater prize.

Once you set foot in this wonderland, there is no turning back.

This dark, indulgent story follows forbidden paths to love... Will you obey your heart's desires?

"Come now. Grant me your kiss."

Character list

From Akedia:

Akedia - Land of Forests

The mild climate of this kingdom gives it a lush, green landscape. With so many relaxing resorts, this land attracts a large number of tourists. The former Kingdom of Tristits falls under Akedian domain. The main export relates to bedding.

From Colde:

Colde - Keeper of Peace

The Royal Academy of Concordia is located on this politically neutral island. Each kingdom must send their princes here to this microcosm of the magical realm, which serves as a symbol of peace.

From Invidia:

Invidia - Land of Blooms

A beautiful kingdom adorned with flowers of every color, Invidians specialize in silverwork and other crafts that require a delicate touch. Their main exports include gorgeous blossoms and ornate silverware.

From Voleri:

Voleri - Land of Plenty

This expansive land is known for its agriculture, producing the most food of any kingdom in the magical realm. However, Volerians lack economic trade agreements, which puts them at a disadvantage power-wise. Famous products include Volerian wheat.

From Avari:

Avari - Land of Fire

Rich with underground resources, this is a powerful kingdom. Many veins of valuable ore run through the land, which makes Avarians excellent metalsmiths and crafters of magical weapons. Ther most famous export is red coffee.

From Ira:

Ira - Land of Desert

Surrounded by deserts and with few natural resources, the Irian people have focused on enhancing their military might. They have little exportable products, keeping their kingdom afloat through mercenary work instead.

From Luxure:

Luxure - Land of Lakes

The fields of art and entertainment flourish in this kingdom, which is also known for its unique attitude towards love and marriage. Here, any one person can be married to multiple other people at the same time. The local specialty here is blue wine.

From Qelsum:

Qelsum - Land of Ice

A third of this land is covered in ice, making it a harsh environment in which to survive. Qelsums single-handedly control the post for all of the magical realm, and they also govern part of the former Kingdom of Vanum. They are known for their chocolate.

Other information

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Walkthroughs and Guides Court of Darkness

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