HanDevil Kiss. The chill and playful cafe owner


Han's BirthdayJuly 7

About Han

Devil Kiss. The chill and playful cafe owner Han

Identity: Devil
Likes: Alcohol, late night. Laughing.
Dislikes: Lie
Age: he said he's 32
Height: 182cm

Playful, but… The one with irresistible charm, Han.

"Do you want to meet in private?"


Spending your everyday life working as a part-timer at a cafe, wake up one day with a strange dream. And you see a suspicious mark on your neck?

“It’s the devil’s mark…”

You’re about to lose your body to the devils! And you find out that there are ‘Angels’ and ‘Devils’ living right next to you?

You need to look for the devils to save your life, Is it a crisis or a romance that’s slowly approaching you?

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