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Devil Kiss

Devil Kiss

Title: Devil Kiss
Developer: LucyDream
Release date:  30.03.2022

Official Webpage: lucydream.kr
Twitter: @lucydreamgame
Facebook: lucydreamgames


Devil Kiss, a romance-interactive otome game with attractive angels and dangerous devils.


Spending your everyday life working as a part-timer at a cafe, wake up one day with a strange dream. And you see a suspicious mark on your neck?

“It’s the devil’s mark…”

You’re about to lose your body to the devils! And you find out that there are ‘Angels’ and ‘Devils’ living right next to you?

You need to look for the devils to save your life, Is it a crisis or a romance that’s slowly approaching you?

Relationships Map

Devil Kiss | CapiOra

Character list


Devil Kiss | CapiOra

The sad but charming businessman.

Identity: Angel
Birthday: October 4th
Likes: Being alone

Cold and sensitive, but… The one who always bothers me the most, Cain.

“It will be dangerous if you provoke me.”


Devil Kiss | CapiOra

The reliable and faithful flower shop boy.

Identity: Angel
Birthday: May 5th
Likes: Stroking him, hugs

Always on your side. The reliable and faithful one, Arthur.

“I don’t wanna be your little brother anymore.”


Devil Kiss | CapiOra

The chill and playful cafe owner.

Identity: Devil
Birthday: July 7th
Likes: Alcohol, late night

Playful, but… The one with irresistible charm, Han.

"Do you want to meet in private?"


Devil Kiss | CapiOra

The one who always stays loyal to you.

Identity: Devil
Birthday: December 5th
Likes: You!

Mysterious, but… The one who goes blind for you, Jay

"You smell good when I hug you"

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Comments on «Devil Kiss»

Is Jay a girl or boy??


It looks like Jay is a girl 'cause MC always says "she" or "her". Still hope that in the Jay Ending will happened miracle and open the true that he's a cute boy T_T


I was absolutely stoked when I found out that Jay was a girl it’s not very often when games like this have wlw routes.

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