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Imagawa YoshimotoIkemen Sengoku. Sensual & Ephemeral

Imagawa Yoshimoto

Imagawa Yoshimoto's BirthdayAugust 13

About Imagawa Yoshimoto

Ikemen Sengoku. Sensual & Ephemeral Imagawa Yoshimoto

Affiliation: Uesugi-Takeda Forces
Height: 5'10''
Blood Type: B
Eye color: Light gold

Voice: Taku Yashiro


A distant relative of Shingen and the head of the Imagawa clan that Nobunaga led to ruin. He's a lofty gentleman who has no interest in the battle and an air of sensual decadence about him.

He hides a certain conviction behind his flippant attitude.

«There's no rice? Then let us eat cake.» - Yoshimoto Imagawa

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