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Jasper LaneCourt of Darkness. The Inerrant Professional

Jasper Lane

Jasper Lane's BirthdaySeptember 11

About Jasper Lane

Court of Darkness. The Inerrant Professional Jasper Lane

Guy's Valet
Master's Best Feature: His sweet side
Height: 6'1'' (185cm)
Weight: 159 lbs (72kg)
Personality: mild-mannered, gentlemanly
Indulgence: rare delicacies
Pastime: mastering non-magical skills, studying

Favorite Place: Back alley tavern
Favorite Food: Rare delicacies
Favorite Item: Spectacles from Guy

Voice: Atom Mizuishi


«This matter requires utmost secrecy» - Jasper Lane

Book 1:

Valet and right-hand man of Guy, Prince of Avari. Normally a mild-mannered gentleman, he can be stubbornly persuasive as well. At first, you keep your distance, but his staid sensuality leaves you fascinated. Is this love or just a trap...?

Book 2:

Your love for one another is honest, growing stronger by the day, but encroaching dangers threaten all you have.

You and he track your foes to Avari, where you'll both be forced to make some impossible choices.


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