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Jonah ClemenceIkemen Revolution. Queen Of Hearts. Composed & Saucy

Jonah Clemence

Jonah Clemence's BirthdayNovember 18

About Jonah Clemence

Ikemen Revolution. Queen Of Hearts. Composed & Saucy Jonah Clemence

Height: 6 ft
Blood Type: AB

Voice: Hanae Natsuki


Wonderland Route:

The beautiful Queen of the Red Army has sworn his unbreakable loyalty to Lancelot. He adores his younger brother Luka but often finds those feelings rebuked. Confident and a perfectionist, his likes and dislikes are clearly defined.

«You need only keep your eyes on me. I shouldn't have to tell you that.» - Jonah Clemence

Through the Looking Glass Route:

As the eldest son of the noble Clemence family who has held the title of Queen for generations, Jonah received a strict education from a young age.

He speaks frankly and be stubborn on occasion.

The existence of the "Jonah's Hearts Defenders" is kept secret from him.

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