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Leviathan's Birthday

November 1 🎉🎉🎉

About Leviathan

What in Hell is Bad?

The devil king of envy

Ruling nation: Hades
Idiosyncrasy: Breath Control
Mental illness: Agoraphobia

From the Seven Deadly Sins [Envy]


He brings unidentifiable creatures from the coffin he made to enter one day. Most of them are terrible beings and cosmic terrors that existed in the past, and meeting them means that you are at the end of your life.


Maybe it's because of agoraphobia or if he is lonely by nature, but he generally likes going inside the coffin he carries around and spending time by himself. He envies even
himself from a second ago, and deals with everything as fast and precisely as he can.

He is a beloved king, and there is a saying that you shouldn't challenge Leviathan unless you are determined to kill every last population of Hades.

Character info:

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