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Mammon's Birthday

June 9 🎉🎉🎉

About Mammon

What in Hell is Bad?

The devil king of greed

Ruling nation: Tartaros
Idiosyncrasy: Pygophilia
Mental illness: Compulsive

From the Seven Deadly Sins [Greed]


Makes colossal wealth and riches. Gold and treasure of unknown sources are always left where he walks. He can make gold and treasure whenever he needs, and the treasure become weapons to trample over the enemies when he must destroy them.


He sincerely believes and claims that everything belongs to him. Even if there is riches or talents in other countries, he never steals them. Because he thinks that he 'placed' something of his possession in that country. No, he thinks that the country and its king belongs to him, so he is never jealous. He rules as benevolently as he is leisurely at heart, but when he meets enemies he 'doesn't need', he destroys it all except its remnants.

Character info:

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