UnknownMystic Messenger. Hacker


Unknown's Birthday

June 11 🎉🎉🎉

About Unknown

Mystic Messenger. Hacker

Type Blood: AB
Aliases: Ray
Height: 173cm
Weight: 59kg
Role: Hacker

Voiced by Kang Sung-jin

An enigmatic hacker who manages to convince the protagonist to enter Rika's apartment, and consequently, RFA's chatroom.

Ray is an affectionate game developer who needs the protagonist to be a beta tester for his new game - a chatting simulator with programmed AIs. Since the game hasn't been revealed to the market yet, Ray has to take her blindfolded to the mysterious building Magenta.

Ray shows a very caring demeanor and puts a lot of effort into making the protagonist happy and comfortable, being the one who decorated her room and cooking her meals.

He is a skilled hacked and programmer. He is also interested in flowers and enjoys studying their symbolic meanings.

Ray's route is available on Another Story.

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Who else has a birthday on June 11?

Mystic Messenger. Hacker

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