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A Wizardry Enchantment // BL

A Wizardry Enchantment // BL

Original title: A Wizardry Enchantment
Release date:  18.07.2017
Language: English
Age rating: 17+
Genre: Romance Adventure, BL

Developer: Otomedou
Publisher: Abracadabra Inc
Scenario: Kai Ochiai, Yuki Minabe
Illustration: Komichi


In this world, humans with magical powers attend the School of Wizardry in order to amplify their skills. With the necessary knowledge, anyone can get in. However, just a few make it all the way to graduation…

In order to graduate, students have to summon an eidolon and tie a contract with them, which allows them to borrow the force they need to pass the graduation exam.

Yuzuki, Asato and Takeru are three School of Wizardry student about to graduate. They will need to summon an eidolon in order to pass the graduation exam, and this will change their fate forever…!

Yuzuki is paired with the strongest unicorn, "Kaede". But why is he so fond of him…? Takeru is paired with the beautiful incubus "Rui". But what kind of secret past do they share…? The playboy Asato is paired with the tsundere werewolf "Mao". But what truth hides behind his carefree appearance…?

Many love stories going on between fixed couples. Are you ready to watch over them?


Character list

Yuzuki Urai

Route: Unicorn Route

He's at the very bottom of his class. For some reason, the unicorn Kaede grows very fond of him, and the two form a pair in order to pass Yuzuki's graduation exam.


Route: Unicorn Route

The strongest between all eidolons. An arrogant and selfish unicorn. Summoned by Yuzuki, he agrees to pair up with him for his graduation exam.

Takeru Shiga

Route: Incubus Route

A reticent honor student. He was looking for Rui, who he had already met in the past.


Route: Incubus Route

A devoted incubus. The past ties him to Takeru, who he treasures... More than anyone else.

Asato Saionji

Route: Werewolf Route

A playboy, and a wealthy family offshoot. He's very carefree. He pairs up with the tsundere werewolf "Mao".


Route: Werewolf Route

A tsundere werewolf. Despite his appearance, he's really strong. Apparently, he participated to another graduation exam in the past.

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