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Diamond Girl ~ An Earnest Education in Love

Diamond Girl ~ An Earnest Education in Love

Title: Diamond Girl ~Koi no Maji Lesson~
Original title: ダイヤモンドガール~恋の本気レッスン~
Release date:  25.12.2017
Language: English, German, French

Developer: Ciagram Co, Ltd.
Publisher: Ciagram Co, Ltd. & OperaHouse


"Proper ladies can do whatever they want!?"

You are a so-called "love-allergic" girl who spends her time at home in a track suit.

You luckily get a job at the famous Misono Trading Company, but it is discovered that you are actually the heiress to the parent company's Misono family!?

You move into a mansion in order to learn how to be a proper lady, but you just can't manage to get used to your glamorous lifestyle!

You continue to battle, surrounded by your kind butler, hot and cold fiancé, and ditzy cousin!

This is perfect for girls who want to enjoy an otome game free of charge!


Character list

Masaki Fujigaya

Type: Cocky fiancé

Hayato Aisaka

Type: Protective butler

Kyoichi Takayanagi

Type: Cool strict brother in law

Tsubasa Misono

Type: Wild boy cousin

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