Criminal Desires

Criminal Desires
Criminal Desires

About the game

Release Date: February, 2021
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, BL (Boys Love)
Developer: Genius Inc

Original title: Criminal Desires
Type: BL
Release date:  02.2021

You're the rising star in the police department, tasked with infiltrating a local mafia family. It was never going to be an easy assignment, but when the stakes are this high who can you really trust?


Character list


Cool, calm and composed, Christopher was taken in by the family from a young age. Now he’s grown into a charismatic leader and respected member of the community. Is this seductive rogue really as virtuous as he seems, or is his true nature hidden within?


When you get into trouble at home or on the streets, Rob is there to back you up. Quick to act and eager to get the job done, the only uncertainty between you is how far you’re both willing to go...

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18:23 February 23, 2021

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Empty, but something will be added soon! I hope... >_>

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