Feral Hearts

Feral Hearts
Feral Hearts

About the game

Release Date: June, 2021
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Developer: Genius Inc


Season 1:

The lifestyles of the rich and famous aren't always glitter and gold, but you’re determined to shine. As an inexperienced PR assistant-turned-agent, can you manage four of Tokyo’s hottest heartthrobs while your boss is out sick, or will everyone be howling from your mistakes? No matter what wildness ensues, they’re trusting you with their lives… and hearts! ⁠

Season 2:

Three years ago, you battled alongside your supernatural, celebrity companions defeating the Dire Protector. But can you handle a new threat when the White Wolf returns? Defend Tokyo against the underworld ruler and his legion while standing boldly in love with your loyal supes. Carve out your fate in this electrifying finale!


Character list

Masaki - The Rock Star

Hypnotic, alluring, and mystifying, Masaki Matsumoto reigns the international airwaves as a rock god. While success as a human is thrilling, he longs for the endless pine forests of Hokkaido. Will his interest in you spark his desire to leave everything behind, returning to the storied tranquility of his roots?⁠

Taiki - The Model

The sexy, sweet, and top-earning model Taiki Sakurai stomps the runways and graces renowned fashion magazines worldwide. Although captivating and talented, this boy next door’s hiding a fatal secret that could end his career. Can you help keep his dreams in reach?⁠

Kyo - The Actor 

Charming, evocative, smoldering playboy Kyo Nishimura is used to crushing hearts on and off-screen. The world is his playground and everyone else is just a supporting cast, which means he has little faith in you—his newbie agent. How will you prove yourself to such a cynic while keeping his favor and braving his bite?⁠

Hansol - The K-Pop Star

Infamous, sensational, ambitious K-pop Idol Hansol Kim may be the hottest solo artist of his generation, yet his heart yearns for something more. After fate brings you together at a party, he just can’t keep his mind off of you. Can you offer the intimacy this muse of pleasure spends his nights wishing for?⁠

Other Characters



Walkthroughs and Guides Feral Hearts

13:36 June 03, 2021

Last Events & News Feral Hearts

Feral Hearts Season 2 was released!
13:16 January 22, 2022
Feral Hearts was released!
15:47 June 07, 2021

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Comments on «Feral Hearts»

i was wondering if you could name the other characters too because its been so long since i played it



Guys: Vex and Jin

Girls: Honey, Ludivine, Lita Doll

I'm not sure if everyone is on this list, but I tried to remember xD


Векс, Людивин, Джин, Зловещая Защитница, Рен, Кюраи, Имай, Дабри, Хани, а дальше не помню


А 3 сезон будет?.. Мне грустно стало когда закончился 2 сезон. ?


Мне тож грусто стало когда закончилась игра, а про 3 сезон не знаю((

МОЯ ЛЮБОВЬ МАСАКИ 04:37 June 20, 2022


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