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Feral Hearts Season 2 was released!

Feral Hearts Season 2 was released!

Feral Hearts Season 2 has finally been released!


Season 1:

The lifestyles of the rich and famous aren't always glitter and gold, but you’re determined to shine. As an inexperienced PR assistant-turned-agent, can you manage four of Tokyo’s hottest heartthrobs while your boss is out sick, or will everyone be howling from your mistakes? No matter what wildness ensues, they’re trusting you with their lives… and hearts! ⁠

Season 2:

Three years ago, you battled alongside your supernatural, celebrity companions defeating the Dire Protector. But can you handle a new threat when the White Wolf returns? Defend Tokyo against the underworld ruler and his legion while standing boldly in love with your loyal supes. Carve out your fate in this electrifying finale!


More information about the game.

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