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It's a Dog's Love

It's a Dog's Love

Original title: It's a Dog's Love: Romance you Choose
Release date: 2020

You expect your new job at Heaven, a famous pet store in Tokyo, will be pretty straightforward -- until you discover your handsome co-workers are actually half-dogs with the ability to transform at will! Dobe, Shephe, and Bernar entrust their secret to you, and you soon find family in the pack at Heaven… but not all is peaceful. When a rival pet shop sends thugs to destroy the store, you’re forced to stand your ground and defend your new home alongside your friends.

Can you save the shop and find romance along the way? Find out in It’s a Dog’s Love!

Character list

It's a Dog's Love | CapiOra

The Withdrawn Doberman - Dobe

Aloof and alert, Dobe is the owner and leader of the pack at Heaven. Though initially cool and difficult to read, as you grow closer, you learn of a tragic event that continues to gnaw at his mind. Will you be able to resolve his past and help him trust again?

It's a Dog's Love | CapiOra
The Cocky German Shepherd - Shephe

Shephe may be a little boastful and self-centered, but he’s fiercely protective of his loved ones and won't go easy on anyone who attempts to harm them. Despite his impressive fighting ability, he harbors some self-doubt and wants to prove himself to you. Will he be the one that captures your heart?

It's a Dog's Love | CapiOra
The Innocent St. Bernard - Bernar

Bernar is the little brother of the pack at Heaven. Inquisitive and puppy-like, he adores humans and always sees the best in others — especially you! As you work together, he struggles with his newfound feelings of love. Will you show him what it means to be human?


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