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My Devilish Contract // BL

My Devilish Contract // BL

Seasons: 1

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese!


After repeatedly failing to find the courage to ask out the girl you like, you're ready to give up on love…. But then you find an old book hidden in your house. To your surprise, it contains a spell that can supposedly make any wish come true. At your wit’s end, you read the words out loud and end up summoning a devil who enters into a contract with you through a kiss!


Character list


The Prideful Devil 

My Devilish Contract // BL | CapiOra

Cocky and dominating, Amon is a high-ranking devil with the power to grant wishes, but he believes humans must earn their wishes by overcoming trials first. The truth is, however, that his traumatic past has left him incapable of granting wishes immediately.

Can you solve the mystery of Amon’s past and help him start to heal?


The Aloof Devil

My Devilish Contract // BL | CapiOra

Zagan is a lone wolf and feels unapproachable at times. He rivals Amon and believes that wishes should be granted immediately. After granting a human’s wish, he quickly takes their life energy, as he considers them to be an inferior species.

Can you help Zagan learn to care for humans and find a way into his heart?

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