My Sweet Shifter

My Sweet Shifter
My Sweet Shifter

About the game

Release Date: November 27, 2021
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Developer: Genius Inc

Original title: My Sweet Shifter ~ Remake
Seasons: 1-2

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese!⁠


Season 1:

Your search for answers to your parents' deaths has led you to Crescent Valley High School, an elite all-boys school connected with a string of unexplained disappearances. When you disguise yourself and enroll as a new student, you quickly find yourself entangled in a terrifying, supernatural mystery with three of your classmates, each of whom seem to be hiding dark secrets of their own…

With your life on the line, can you unearth the truth about your past and find your parents' killer before they find you first?

Choose your love story in this remake of the fan-favorite otome game, My Sweet Shifter!

Season 2:

After infiltrating an elite all-boys school, you've finally uncovered the identity of your parents' murderer—only to have your unique family legacy make you his next target. Can your love stand the test of this Beastman's villainy, or are you doomed to meet the same tragic fate as your mother?


Character list

The Flirtatious Best Friend, Leo

“Do you honestly think revenge is a game?”

Charismatic and charming, Leo has an ego to match his playfulness. As his childhood friend, you know that his easy smile conceals a protective, dependable heart—but the closer you come to the truth, the more you suspect something else is hiding beneath the surface. Could Leo's secret be enough to threaten the foundations of your friendship?

"Haven't you realized by now that there isn't anything I wouldn't give up for you?"

The Unapproachable Loner, Luca

“You think you're having a bad day now? Wait till I get started.”

With a well-deserved reputation for being antisocial, Luca is the last person you expect to become an ally in your search for the truth. Before long, however, you discover that he's also looking for answers to a tragedy in his past that bears an uncanny similarity to yours… Can you break through Luca's cold exterior and find the answers you're both looking for?

"I'm not sure I can stop myself from falling for you."

The Mysterious New Friend, Fynn

“Everyone thinks they know who I am or what I can be without even getting to know me…”

Kind, gentle Fynn is the first to befriend you and soon becomes a source of comfort and stability as the mystery surrounding your parents' deaths deepens. Sometimes, however, you think you catch a glimpse of something cruel and terrifying behind his polite smile… As Fynn struggles with the darkness inside him, will you be the one to guide him to the light?

"It's time I showed you what's really in my heart."

Walkthroughs and Guides My Sweet Shifter

Empty, but something will be added soon! ^_^

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