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Quest of Lost Memories

Quest of Lost Memories

Original title: Quest of Lost Memories
Release date:  21.08.2021
Seasons: 1

After waking up inside a video game with no memories, you soon discover you’re a healer carrying a one-of-a-kind weapon. In search of answers, you find yourself being recruited by a dashing mage who promises to help you if you join his guild. Things take a dark turn, however, when a virus breaks out and begins infecting and killing players in real life when they log off. In a race against the clock, you and your guildmates embark on a quest to discover and destroy the virus’ source... ⁠

Can you survive long enough to defeat the virus or will you be forced to log off and meet your end? Will you ever regain your memories and find love along the way?⁠

Find out when you log on for your next adventure in Quest of Lost Memories!⁠


Character list

Quest of Lost Memories | CapiOra

The Fierce Warrior Xarus

⁠Xarus is your party's most skilled member, but his brashness keeps him from cooperating with others. He doesn't take kindly to weakness, but you’ll soon realize there’s a reason behind that. Can you get this hotheaded warrior to lay down his pride for you and your team, or is he fated to let his past trauma get to him?⁠

Quest of Lost Memories | CapiOra

The Composed Rogue Rhen

The mysterious, wolf-eared rogue Rhen seems to know more about this game and the virus than anyone else. Although he’s your guild’s leader, he closes himself off so it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking. Can you get him to open up and learn the truth behind the virus, or will he be infected before you get the chance?⁠

Quest of Lost Memories | CapiOra

The Suave Mage Aris

This charming elf knows a handful of powerful spells and is always prepared. His helpful nature has made him popular with women, but you soon notice he’s a little too giving. Will you team up with Aris and become one step closer to unlocking your memories, or will you let his generosity prove to be his downfall?

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