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Quest of Lost Memories was released!

Quest of Lost Memories was released!

Today "Quest of Lost Memories" has finally been released!


After waking up inside a video game with no memories, you soon discover you’re a healer carrying a one-of-a-kind weapon. In search of answers, you find yourself being recruited by a dashing mage who promises to help you if you join his guild. Things take a dark turn, however, when a virus breaks out and begins infecting and killing players in real life when they log off. In a race against the clock, you and your guildmates embark on a quest to discover and destroy the virus’ source... ⁠

Can you survive long enough to defeat the virus or will you be forced to log off and meet your end? Will you ever regain your memories and find love along the way?⁠

Find out when you log on for your next adventure in Quest of Lost Memories!⁠


More information about the game.

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