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Soul of Yokai

Soul of Yokai

Original title: Soul of Yokai
Release date:  24.08.2020
Seasons: 1

Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian!⁠


After a chance encounter, you are invited to the Yokai world, where you meet three attractive Yokai men of varying races: Hayato a half-Oni, Yukio of the Yukiotoko race, and Karasu of the Tengu. You are surprised to find out that they all want your hand in marriage! However, you can’t help but notice a darkness looming over the Yokai townspeople, and a growing dislike of human beings. ⁠⁠

Can you help mend the relationship between the yokai and humans while helping these boys overcome their own personal trauma? Can you find love among demons? ⁠


Character list

Hayato the Hanyo⁠

Soul of Yokai | CapiOra

Hayato is a cocky half-breed who has a bone to pick with the Yokai World's view on human beings. He's conflicted about his half human-side and his feelings about you, which makes him come off as rude. His plan is to become the Yokai World's next Ruler. Do you have what it takes to rule by his side?⁠

Yukio the Yukiotoko

Soul of Yokai | CapiOra

The most beautiful man in the Yokai World and one of the few males of his kind, Yukio is quite popular among the ladies. It never seems to go anywhere, though as he struggles to understand love. Nevertheless, his heart is set on one human girl, you. Can you teach this pretty boy how to love?⁠

Karasu the Tengu

Soul of Yokai | CapiOra

After witnessing the horrific crimes of his older brother, Karasu remains a cold and distant Yokai. Once very friendly to humans, Karasu finds himself conflicted about his feelings for you. He can't choose between pushing you away or risking his life to protect you. Can you help him smile once again?⁠

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