Soul of Yokai: The Lost Kami

Soul of Yokai: The Lost Kami
Soul of Yokai: The Lost Kami

About the game

Release Date: April, 2021
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Developer: Genius Inc

After helping your handsome Yokai companions save their world from Onimaru's clutches, you've eased tensions between humans and Yokai for good… Until you're framed for crimes you didn't commit. For your own safety and to protect the ones you love, you’re forced to return to Kyoto until the situation in the Yokai world is settled. But even the human world becomes dangerous when you find the notorious Tengu Sakuya walking the streets alive.⁠

To put an end to the chaos, you seek out the aid of a powerful kami who offers a solution to your problems, but at the cost of something precious… Are you willing to pay the kami’s price to be with the one you love? Or will you be forced to stay in the human world forever?


Character list

Hayato - The Half-Oni Ruler of the Yokai World

You helped this cocky Hanyo become ruler of the Yokai World, but when the relationship between humans and Yokai crumbles, everyone begins to doubt Hayato's leadership. Will you stand by his side and show the Yokai that your love for their world is true? ⁠

Yukio - The Charming Yukiotoko 

You're ready to marry your dashing snow Yokai when you realize that his family is completely against it. As the last male of his kind, they refuse to let him be with a human. Can you prove to the Yukionna Clan that your love is worth fighting for? 

Karasu - The Leader of the Tengu Clan

After helping Karasu break out of his shell and putting an end to his brother's tyranny, you're ready to help repair the relationship between humans and Tengu. But with Sakuya on the loose and trouble brewing, how long will the tentative peace last?⁠

Sakuya - The Criminal Tengu Warrior

Against all odds, Sakuya is alive and he's found his way into the human world. Will Sakuya orchestrate another tragedy, or is your love strong enough to overcome adversity?⁠

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13:02 April 21, 2021

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