Zombie Island Paradise

Zombie Island Paradise
Zombie Island Paradise

About the game

Release Date: July 2, 2022
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance
Developer: Genius Inc

Seasons: 1

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese!


When your first mission in the field lands you on the popular dating show called ‘Be My Match,' things seem to be going as planned. The world’s most eligible billionaire bachelor is wrapped around your finger, while the flirtatious, blockbuster actor-turned-host uses his Hollywood charm to ‘turn up the heat’ once the cameras stop rolling. But when a mysterious, heavy-hearted research scientist crosses your path with a dire warning, all hell breaks loose. As paradise unexpectedly falls and a zombie outbreak ravages the island, will you be able to lead three men to safety and still accomplish your mission?


Character list


The Billionaire Bachelor

Zayn Hawke is a successful, arrogant billionaire who’s taken the tech industry by storm. Used to looking for love in all the wrong places, he’s now the hot ticket on the hit dating show ‘Be My Match.’ With you in his romantic sights, he’ll spare no expense to share his world of luxury... But is there more he’s willing to reveal beneath the bespoke designer suits and veneered smile?


The Superstar Host️

Energetic, international action superstar Cid Leblanc nabbed his latest hosting gig on ‘Be My Match’ for a change of pace after starring in countless blockbuster films. Highly in demand, his smoldering looks and charismatic aura have not only enticed viewers, but also caught the eyes of the contestants… He’s used to getting his way and made it known his starry eyes are on you. Will you give in to his advances or make him exit stage left?


The Undead Scientist

Cool, calculating researcher Loic Benson has devoted his whole life to science at Ebon Corporation, even working with his hero Dr. Hermann Cooper. Little did he know his advanced research would be the harbinger of a horrific zombie outbreak. Can this whistleblower depend on your secrecy, or will his crusade be in vain?

Walkthroughs and Guides Zombie Island Paradise

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