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Dear My God

Dear My God

Title: Dear My God
Developer: LucyDream
Release date:  07.072022



You're excited for the first overseas trip.

Then you get into a plane crash and…PASS AWAY?!

Waking up to a village on the border between life and death, realize that you've lost all your memories, and can't even remember your name…?

"Follow the path given to you now. I'll record everything till the end of you..."

You will end up staying there forever if you fail to recall your name!

The ending you will be facing is…

A new life? Or…. Death?

"To live...I must keep in touch with the Gods?"

Character list

The Wolf-Headed Pathfinder, Anubis

Dear My God | CapiOra

"You've got a soul that shines like gold."

The Grim Reaper, Minhyuk

Dear My God | CapiOra

"I should be your one and only"

The Patron Saint of Travelers, Hermes

Dear My God | CapiOra

"Everything comes with a price"

The Secretary of the Underworld, Thoth

Dear My God | CapiOra

"I am here to look after you"

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