Kiss the Dragon

Kiss the Dragon
Kiss the Dragon

About the game

Release Date: 29 April, 2024
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance
Developer: LucyDream, Wonyframe


“I... don’t want to lose you…”

The provocative, sensual, obsessive, and sweet tastes ― Which dragon do I want out of the four?

"You" can make all the choices!


You, before going on job hunting go on a solo trip, when an unexpected crisis starts in a strange hotel. The mana which entered your body threatens your life! 

Can you safely remove it and return home?

To stop the rampaging mana within, an inescapable contract with four dragons is signed! While jealousy and threats endanger your life, the dragons' thirst for you grows over time… The unavoidable contract and romance with the 4 dragons, Kiss the Dragon!

About the Game

An otome romance simulation story game where "YOUR" choices determine the ending - create your own dragon romance!

A female-oriented visual novel game where the story with four dragons unfolds based on "YOUR" choices, exploring various relationships!

Collect endings with each dragon, secret hidden ending, and special date illustrations through over 200 choices!

High-intensity stories, character-specific illustrations and bgms for an enjoyable gameplay experience!

Romantic yet dangerous dates, the story with you and four dragons starts now!

Kiss the Dragon is for you if:

Character list


The proud and cold-hearted black dragon 

Black Dragon
CEO of Hotel

"Already struggling, could you handle anything more?"


The mysterious white dragon who you want to torment

White Dragon

"It's alraght... I've been waiting for you too"


The gold dragon who wants to own not just the mana, but you

Gold Dragon
Brand Director

"You know, if you don't answer... you'll be punished"


The red dragon who tries to suppress his instincts

Red Dragon

"I was curioius... not the dessert, but about your taste"

Walkthroughs and Guides Kiss the Dragon

09:19 April 29, 2024

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Empty, but something will be added soon! I hope... >_>

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