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The Princess in the Mirror

The Princess in the Mirror

Release date:  05.2023



One day you're a normal secretary, and the next you're dragged into an unfamiliar world!

We have awaited your coming, Your Highness.

You inherit an old hand-mirror from your grandma, and it sucks you into a completely different world.

Not only are you recognized as a princess in this world, but you're told to pick a spouse!

You're surrounded by nobles, knights, and faithful servants.

But who will you choose?

"All you need to do is submit to me."

"...I don't dislike you."

"I will be very thorough in my instruction."

Your turbulent palace love life begins!


Luca Savini

Artless & Haughty Noble

A powerful noble and top choice for the crown.

Raised from a young age to stand above others, he is both confident and haughty. He'll do anything for his goal.

But fate seems to have a hand in your relationship...

Farris Lassen

Double-Faced Celebrity Noble

His fair face and gentlemanly conduct charm all the ladies, making him a celebrity in the palace. Thanks to his quick wit and wisdom, he's adept at picking up on people's innermost thoughts.

But beneath the mask lies a truth not many are privy to...

Joseph Remy

Reticent & Kind Noble

A reticent and carefree demeanor hides kindness and love for family.

All he wants is to protect what he can reach, so he has no interest in the throne.

Falling for the princess was never in his plans...

Vincent Casper

Aloof & Rigid Tutor

The highly educated tutor to the princess.

Though generally calm and collected, his lessons strike fear in even the most hardened of men. Despite this, the air of mystery surrounding him hides a surprising past...


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