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Casefile: Tokyo Noir was released!

Casefile: Tokyo Noir was released!

Today "Casefile: Tokyo Noir" has finally been released!


You've taken up work as a freelance journalist in an effort to unravel the mystery behind your brother's death. You’ve set up your office above his best friend’s café, but haven't found any leads—until a mysterious man hires you to tail a young yakuza leader to a bar.

This dangerous criminal seems to know you and your brother already. Before you can get more information, however, the bar is raided by police and you're soon sitting across from a handsome detective in an interrogation room.

Alongside these three men, you're thrown into a deadly web of crime, suspense, and romance that takes you to the darkest corners of Tokyo. Finding unexpected connections, you continue to piece together the puzzle behind your past. Will those responsible face justice, or will you and your new love end up on the long list of victims?


More information about the game.

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