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Chimera: Complex Hearts coming soon!

Chimera: Complex Hearts coming soon!

Hi there!

Chimera: Complex Hearts coming soon!

If you don't know about this game I recommend you read this info: about the game. There you find more information about the characters and the storyline.

Release date: on this weekend.


It’s the end of the 21st century, and a mysterious new contagion is ravaging the world. Known as ‘Chimera Complex’, it causes painful and irreversible mutations that mimic aspects of animal biology in those who contract the condition. One way or another, no patient survives for long.

Having just completed your masters at a leading national university, your list of job offers is as long as it is prestigious. When a mysterious winged figure gatecrashes your cafe meeting with an old friend, however, it sends your life on an altogether different and unexpected course.

With three very different men all relying on you, will you be able to unravel a global conspiracy and mend their complex hearts?

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