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The Kabuki Phantom was released!

The Kabuki Phantom was released!

Hi everyone!

The Kabuki Phantom has finally been released!


You’ve fallen into a rut after finishing college, so when your beloved uncle invites you to apprentice at his kabuki playhouse in Tokyo, you jump at the opportunity to try something new. Before long, you find yourself swept up in the colorful world of Japanese dance-drama alongside your new colleagues—two captivating actors and the theater’s stern manager.

For your first project, you’re planning a new performance of Yotsuya Kaidan, a ghostly tale of betrayal, murder, and revenge. But no sooner has production begun than the theater is immediately besieged by misfortune: crew go missing, actors fall ill, and businessmen swoop in like vultures to demolish the playhouse. Worst of all, you’re convinced a shadow is watching you backstage... Is this the vengeful ghost from the story, or some other malevolent spirit? One thing’s for certain—this isn’t a play, and the danger is all too real.

Alongside your new companions, embark on a thrilling mystery to uncover the truth about the old playhouse and save it from forces within and without. Can you hold onto your sanity… or will you lose yourself when the lights go out?


More information about the game.

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