The Kabuki Phantom

The Kabuki Phantom
The Kabuki Phantom

About the game

Release Date: June 18, 2022
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Kabuki
Developer: Genius Inc


Seasons: 1

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese!


You’ve fallen into a rut after finishing college, so when your beloved uncle invites you to apprentice at his kabuki playhouse in Tokyo, you jump at the opportunity to try something new. Before long, you find yourself swept up in the colorful world of Japanese dance-drama alongside your new colleagues—two captivating actors and the theater’s stern manager.

For your first project, you’re planning a new performance of Yotsuya Kaidan, a ghostly tale of betrayal, murder, and revenge. But no sooner has production begun than the theater is immediately besieged by misfortune: crew go missing, actors fall ill, and businessmen swoop in like vultures to demolish the playhouse. Worst of all, you’re convinced a shadow is watching you backstage... Is this the vengeful ghost from the story, or some other malevolent spirit? One thing’s for certain—this isn’t a play, and the danger is all too real.

Alongside your new companions, embark on a thrilling mystery to uncover the truth about the old playhouse and save it from forces within and without. Can you hold onto your sanity… or will you lose yourself when the lights go out?

Character list

Ryunosuke Tachikawa VI

The Charismatic Star

“You think you’ve got what it takes to be my assistant, princess? Prove it.”

A famous and handsome kabuki actor heralded as the greatest talent of his generation. Family is everything in the kabuki world, and Ryunosuke’s pedigree is elite, his stage name passed down from father to son for centuries. Although he’s treated like an idol by fans and crew alike, his fiery and demanding attitude makes collaboration a challenge. Unfortunately, Ryunosuke is as talented as he is difficult, and if you’re going to make this production a success, you know you’ll have to find a way to work with him…


The Mysterious Onnagata

“That’s what kabuki is all about. Taking suffering and turning it into something beautiful…”

A graceful, androgynous kabuki actor who plays exclusively female roles. Izumi is empathetic to your struggles as a rookie in the industry, and his kind and welcoming disposition immediately sets you at ease within the chaos of the playhouse. He’s clearly a sensitive and creative soul, but his breathtaking, emotional performances leave you wondering what might be lurking beneath the surface…

The Phantom

A Passionate Ghost

“What better for this tragedy than a perfect climax with my muse by my side?”

A dark kabuki genius who secretly pulls the strings of the playhouse from the shadows. Your arrival at the theater disrupts the delicate equilibrium of his existence, but as time passes, the specter gradually comes to see you as an ally… and then an obsession. Before long, you find yourself tangled in a twisted relationship as dangerous as it is devoted. But when outside forces threaten the theater and push the ghost’s passion to fever pitch, you’re forced to realize that this romantic story is hurtling toward a tragic end.


The Cool Manager

“The cast, crew, and you are my responsibility. Any specter should think twice before meddling in this production.”

The strict theater manager who happens to be your new boss. Seiji’s calm and logical nature makes handling financial reports and supervising employees a breeze. He runs a tight ship and has a reputation for being heartless, something he deliberately cultivates to keep the crew in line. Despite this, Seiji feels a strong sense of responsibility to the theater and his employees. He looks out for each crew member individually and harbors genuine concern for their well-being—even if he’d rather they didn’t know it.

Walkthroughs and Guides The Kabuki Phantom

Empty, but something will be added soon! ^_^

Last Events & News The Kabuki Phantom

The Kabuki Phantom was released!
21:38 June 20, 2022
The Kabuki Phantom coming soon!
22:46 June 14, 2022

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