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Guardians of the Zodiac: SEASON 2 is NOW AVAILABLE!

Guardians of the Zodiac: SEASON 2 is NOW AVAILABLE!

Hi there!

Guardians of the Zodiac SEASON 2 is NOW AVAILABLE!


If you don't know about this game I recommend you read this info: about the game. There you find more information about the characters and the storyline.

The main theme of Season 2

You and your Guardians have been summoned to the Zodiac estate for a hearing after the Zodiac leader Wei runs off with the Scroll of Twelve. But being at the estate has started to dredge up memories you didn't even know you had, and you can’t help but feel the Guardians are hiding something from you about your past. Things come to a head when Wei starts using the scroll to create an army of possessed humans to take over the world.

Can you unite the Zodiac once again and bring Wei to his senses before it’s too late, or will past differences stand in the way of saving the universe?

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