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Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Kazuki Kato (Leon Dompteur)

Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Kazuki Kato (Leon Dompteur)

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Kazuki Kato is also known for Masamune Date from Ikemen Sengoku (ikesen), Kento Aizome from B-Project, Malleus Draconia from Twisted Wonderland, and more! Also, he's a voice actor Leon Dompteur from Ikemen Prince (ikepri)!


What are your impressions of the game?

I thought that it was a mature story seeing the heroine face reality and choose her own path. It's a tale that lets you feel that life isn't just sweet but also a series of choices.

What were your first impressions of your character, and what do you find appealing about him?

My first impression was that he's like the sun. Everything he does is refined, and he's a person that everyone admires, wanting to follow his lead. He voices what he feels and is an honest person and that's something that I want to aim for as a man. He's a very charismatic guy.

What were some things you were particular about when you voiced him?

Their romance is mature, but Leon himself isn't a complete gentleman.

He feels responsible as a prince, but I felt that a part of his charm is the side of him that smiles like a child in front of the heroine. I thought that fit his youth and pureness were the parts that still made him a "prince", so I was careful to make him sound not too mature.

Who are other characters that you're interested in and why?

The princes in the rivaling faction like Chevalier and Clavis. They're all stepbrothers, but they're related by blood, so I wonder why they can't get along. I'm curious about how their relationships became like that

Speaking of the title "lkémen Prince", if you were to call yourself  "___ Prince", what would you put in the blank?

I like cooking, so maybe "Cooking Prince"? I like ramen and cook that at home sometimes, too. I also cook all kinds of things besides ramen.

Do you have a message for your fans?

Since the heroine makes many choices, I think this work can give you a hint about the real world through its story. Hesitating or being faced with making a decision about life... It's a story that gives you the willpower to choose and create your own future like the heroine. I hope that you can get motivated through realistic portrayal while enjoying the story.

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Walkthrough «Ikemen Prince: Beauty and Her Beast»:

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