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ParaNichi: Magical Romance is coming!

ParaNichi: Magical Romance is coming!

Hi there!

ParaNichi is going to be released!

If you don't know about this game I recommend you read this info: about the game. There you find more information about the characters and etc.

Release date: early October 2022.

Game Overview:

ParaNichi Magical Romance is a visual novel, to be available on Android devices, targeted at those who enjoy romance featuring a female protagonist.

While the story initially focuses on classic slice-of-life elements and takes place in a city like any other, it also features themes more typical of the Western Young Adult and New Adult genres, including trauma, urban fantasy, the supernatural, and horror.

Each route features over 100,000 words of story content. Two routes are available at launch, with a third in the works. The game also features unlockable fully-voiced scenes with the love interests!

Release campaign

To celebrate the upcoming release, Abracadabra Inc. are holding a release campaign!

Users can interact with official posts in a variety of ways to accumulate points, and according to the total upon release, they'll be able to get fantastic in-game rewards!

ParaNichi: Magical Romance is coming! | CapiOra


Official Post: tinyurl.com/yckvm7e7


Official Post: tinyurl.com/bdcmh8nr


Official Post: youtu.be/k44S-MJ4nMw

Take part in the campaign and invite your followers to do the same for a chance at better rewards!

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