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Sweet Love Bite was released! // BL

Sweet Love Bite was released! // BL

Today "Sweet Love Bite" (BL) has finally been released!


In crowded cities where crime runs rampant, an even darker society lies beneath…

Hidden behind a smokescreen of petty crime, the shadow council of vampires pulls the strings of governments and businesses worldwide. Despite their constant infighting, their influence has been strong enough to change the course of history, forcing society to conform to their will.

But when a string of murders threatens to expose their centuries-kept secret to the world, the council is forced to take action.

After unwittingly witnessing a killing, you’re kidnapped by a group of vampires looking to catch the murderer, soon finding yourself entangled in their dangerous world.

Caught in the middle of this supernatural fight for control, how will your decisions shape society?


More information about the game.

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