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The game "Charming Tails" was released!

The game "Charming Tails" was released!

Today "Charming Tails" has finally been released!


One day, after visiting your mother at the hospital, you end up following an odd calico cat to a nearby shrine, but when you step through the torii gate, you find yourself whisked away to the realm of cats. Recalling the local legend, you seek out the King of Cats but instead find a witch in his place. She offers to cure your mom for a price—you must give up your human life and live in the cat realm for eternity.

Faced with an impossible choice, you’re about to give in to despair when you’re recruited by a rebel organization of handsome cat men known as The Strays. Will you be forced to give up your humanity, or can you take down the witch in time to save your mom—and find love along the way?

Sink your claws into a story of romance and whimsy in Charming Tails!


More information about the game.

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